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We recognize that drug use, addiction and related involvement in crime are the results of making poor choices. Initially, these choices are made due to lack of relevant information, an abundance of misinformation and not knowing who to trust when you need answers to those “sensitive” questions.


Addiction often leads youth to doing things which they otherwise would not do. With a combination of education and mentorship allows us to understand the youth in a much different manner, allow Clean Scene Network for Youth to be advocates for the youth. It is important that we here at Clean Scene Network for Youth understand youth and their struggles, this way we can represent the youth in an appropriate manner, especially when it involves the courts. We believe in empowering youth to reach their potential and jail is not the way in accomplishing this goal.


At Clean Scene Network for Youth, we are mentors and not counselors. This allows us to work with the youth on a basis where trust can be built and walls broken down.


One of the best ways in helping our youth reach their potential is to provide them with the tools first thing. Mike Ryan, Founder, has been presenting to thousands of youth, waking them and giving them the tools they will need to aid them in their journeys of filling their potential.

Our Core Values

With the primary goal of Saving Lives from addiction, Clean Scene provides safe places to empower our mentees by providing effective thinking skills and offering advocacy for youth. This is done through connecting with community services and support to parents and families. The central focus is on therapeutic mentorship. These mentors have been through their own struggles with addiction and understand the impact of positive role models. Our main mentoring program is called “Live Your Magic” and has an objective of mentoring 250 youth over the next 3 years. Clean Scene is able to make a difference by Changing Lives

Awareness and Cognition

We provide relevant, comprehensive information regarding drugs, use and addiction to youth, families, educators and the public. We also offer cognitive training to further support understanding and recognition of these issues, as well as the ability to address them effectively in the course of pursuing rewarding lives.


Our staff and volunteers strive to foster an environment of acceptance, understanding and trust to ensure youth from all economic, cultural, social and personal backgrounds have access to the resources, supports and opportunities they need to build and maintain healthy, drug free lives.


We advocate for youth, working with families, educators, justice and communities and in partnership with public and private sectors to create and deliver programming, tools and opportunities designed to reduce youth drug use and to minimize the impact of “drug culture” on youth and their communities.


Youth’s need to explore and challenge the world they live in is natural and necessary. With regard to drugs and related criminality, each exploration has the potential for addiction and fatality. Guidance and support are critical to ensure the development of strength and skills to make informed choices in these areas of life and become responsible individuals of their own free will—drug and crime free.

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