Join us in Paredise

2 Fairway Blvd, next to the sturgeon golf course and on the river, call 780-973-3299 for directions.
"Last years Clean Scene party was a recognition of the need to help our youth and a very enjoyable time!" Mayor, Nolan Crouse - St. Albert
The problems surrounding youth drug addiction affect everyone in our community. Businesses within the trades and construction industries are often hit hard when drug abuse issues impact their employees. Let's work together to rise above this crisis and better our society.
Be Seen With Clean Scene is a summer garden party fundraiser with all proceeds going to help youth that are dealing with addictions.
For tickets please email or call the contact information below.

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Clean Scene Network for Youth Society
9425 109 A Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T5H-1G1

Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturdays and Sundays: Closed

Main (780) 488-0036
Toll-Free 1-866-481-DRUG (3784)
FAX 1-888-580-8089


Clean Scene Network for Youth brings together community and youth and we are continually reaching out to grow the community, growing links between all our community members. Clean Scene Network for Youth is here to help youth live a full life free of addictions giving them a chance to have a choice to live to their potential.


Addiction often leads youth to doing things which they otherwise would not do. With a combination of education and mentorship allows us to understand the youth in a much different manner, allow Clean Scene Network for Youth to be advocates for the youth.
It is important that we here at Clean Scene Network for Youth understand youth and their struggles, this way we can represent the youth in an appropriate manner, especially when it involves the courts´╗┐.
As it says above we believe in empowering youth to reach their potential and jail is not the way in accomplishing this goal.

At Clean Scene Network for Youth, we are mentors and not counselors. This allows us to work with the youth on a basis where trust can be built and walls broken down.
When youth are fighting to gain a foothold in life and are struggling to accomplish this we need to be a mentor for them and not a counselor. This allows for those tough exterior walls to be broken down.
A mentor is a guide and not someone who is just trying to tell you what to do, a key element of working together.

One of the best ways in helping our youth reach their potential is to provide them with the tools first thing
Mike Ryan, Founder, has been presenting to thousands of youth, waking them and giving them the tools they will need to aid them in their journeys of filling their potential.