Since 2002, Clean Scene has worked with more than 350,000 youth around drug and crime issues. Clean Scene has recently received funding from Youth Justice Canada to launch a program called “Live Your Magic”.  LYM is a therapeutic mentorship program for youth aged between twelve to seventeen years who are involved with the justice system and/or have substance abuse issues. Youth will complete up to 60 hours of Live Your Magic programming. This will consist of individual and group sessions that will provide effective thinking skills, eliminate self imposed limitations, and ultimately mentor them into becoming productive healthy members of the community. In addition, the mentors will ensure that youth understand and comply with court, correctional, and legal requirements and are referred as needed to appropriate community services. Youth are provided and empowered with realistic information and referrals to treatment, aftercare and other self – help programs. 

Please call: 780 488-0036 
Email: mailbox@cleanscene.ca