Mary Pardy - BOARD CHAIR
Mary Pardy is the proud mother of 2 survivors of fentanyl addiction. Her boys have been clean since 2016. She joined the board of Clean Scene to help bring awareness to the opioid crisis and the great assistance and support Clean Scene provided her sons’ on their journey

Chris Janzen - VICE CHAIR
Chris Janzen began his journey on the Clean Scene board of directors as a Youth Member in 2007, the same year he earned his Bachelors in Education degree. Since then he completed graduate studies at the University of Alberta in the area of Educational Psychology and was registered as a Psychologist in the province of Alberta. The birth of his sons in 2009 and 2012, as well as his growing experience working with children in urban, rural, and reservation schools across central and northern Alberta highlighted not only the clear unmet needs that many of Alberta's youth are facing, but also the critical need for additional support for both youth and their parents to prevent and to heal from drug abuse. Chris held the position of Board Chair for two years and is currently holding the position of Vice Chair. Keeping the best interests of youth in mind, and recognizing the incredible costs that drug abuse take from our youth, Chris continues to support Clean Scene in it's efforts to empower youth to choose a drug-free lifestyle. 

Will van Engen is a criminal defence lawyer practising in Edmonton, Alberta. He graduated from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in 2015 and was called to the bar in 2016. He is an associate with Bottos Law Group and represents clients in Edmonton and Northern Alberta charged with various offences.

Jessica Cartwright - DIRECTOR LEGAL

Jessica is a criminal defence lawyer at Barr Picard law in Edmonton. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Alberta. She returned to the University of Alberta to obtain her law degree after working in the private sector for several years. 

While attending law school, Jessica was the President of the Indigenous Law Students Association during her second and third year. Jessica advocated tirelessly on campus to raise awareness on Indigenous legal issues, with a focus on the over-representation of Indigenous peoples in the Criminal Justice system. Jessica worked with legal practitioners, Judges and non-profit agencies; to educate and engage the legal and law school community on the Gladue sentencing principle and the need for more co-operative work between agencies and Lawyers to ensure fairness in the Justice system. 

Jessica also volunteered for the Student Legal Services Criminal Division while in Law school. In her graduating year, she received the Hadjuk Gibbs Award for academic standing and commitment to volunteering and her community. She also received the Metis scholar Award in her second and third year. She volunteered extensively before law school, at both the Edmonton Community Legal Center and the John Humphrey Centre for Human Rights. She is a standing member of the FASD network led by the Honourable Judge Tjosvold. 

Jessica’s legal practice is informed by the belief that marginalized communities must be advocated for and offered opportunities afforded by the law to set them on a path of healing and recovery. She is honoured to serve on the Board of Directors for Clean Scene. Clean Scenes vision and work are in line with her view that criminal behaviour is most often rooted in poverty, addictions and mental health issues.

Ralph Makokis - DIRECTOR