Prison prison from that you've risen
Tears that hung on your cheeks have glowed and glistened
From what you once were, to what you've become

Is far far more, than what most people have done

You were once called a monster, ruining lives
Your main tools were violence, your drugs, guns and knives
Your quest for material wealth, and all that you lacked
Your life slowly crumbling, while you felt attacked

Until you were helped in prison, to turn your life around
To destroy the addictions, that held your life bound
You attended university and you started to live
You started to feel again, you started to give

You made a fresh start and now it's all in the past
You now know your destiny and we know it will last
You are making a difference, be patient and wait
Because for many of us, you are setting us straight

Dustin Germain / Vanessa Linfoot
Ecole Plomondon School
Northern Lights School District
June 1st, 2000